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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ullekelf Tournament 2011

TAJFC U7's & U13's at Ulleskelf Tournament 2011........; Report to follow!
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Monday, May 2, 2011

Riverside Maintenence Day

Whilst you were all at home checking out Pippa Middleton on Friday, a select bunch were down at Riverside improving our storage facility and getting together items for Tadcaster Tournament on 21st/22nd May...............;

Pictured are Alan, Roger, Graham & Gordon - all admiring Nick's handywork(!) If you would like to help out with Tadcaster Albion JFC, please contact Nick Brown 0n 07778 993896 or nickbrown@btinternet.com - we can always use some extra hands............;
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Friday, April 22, 2011

Riverside Training is On! 23rd + 30th April

We plan to continue with Saturday morning football at Riverside throughout the summer (except for when we are at Tournaments!) - We'll be down at Riverside tomorrow (Saturday 23rd and next Saturday 30th). Bring any new friends who want to join - we are particularily looking for players who will be in Year 4 next year (Under 9's for season 2011/2012)

Nick 07778 993896

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Training Cancelled - Kinder & U7 - 19th February

Riverside training is cancelled for Saturday 19th Feb - See you next week (weather permitting!)

07778 993896

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Aviva 1 - Tadcaster Albion 4 (U13's)

Starting line-up was Charlie, Joel, Macca, Adamski, Oli Log, Paul, Hamish, Hazza, Angus, Sam & John B.
Just to put this game into context, Aviva (previously Norwich Union) had finished 4th in the division above us last year and have been unbeaten all season in this division and have convincingly won all but 2 of their games. Their goal difference was +59 compared to TAJFC's +16.
It was pretty obvious to me as a Coach, that TAJFC were up for it today, with the banter and leg-pulling at an all time high during the warm-up. Tad were in position, sporting their snazzy new away kit and ready to rumble, a full 5 mins before Aviva finished their team talk.
Throughout the first half Tadcaster had about 55% of the possession and continued to test the envelope of the oppositions pace and ability. Aviva had some players who were very skillful on the ball and at 25 mins Tadcaster conceeded. However (and this is where Tadcaster's true grit came to the fore), they didn't crumple or shut up shop and fought back with renewed vigour.
Sam was suffering with a blister so gave way to Jonny W and Charlie swapped with Matty. I didn't alter my instructions at half time and Tadcaster pressed and defended with great fortitude and communication.
20 mins into the second half Joel hassled a fluffed catch from the keeper after Hamish had hit the bar and tucked it away. A few minutes later, benefiting from excellent linking play that involved almost everyone in the team, Joel drew 3 defenders, blind-sided them and slotted home a second. Aviva's heads were down and Tad capitalised on the prevailing mood with Hamish (who had been twisting and turning like a frazzled MP at an expenses tribunal all afternoon) smashed home a 3rd.

Tad players covered each others backs and communicated sublimely. Sam went back on for Paul and Charlie swapped with Macca. Despite a concerted 5 minute spell when Aviva fought back valiantly, Tad capped off a brilliant match with a fourth from 'Mr Raw Meat' himself - Adam B.
An absolutely stunning performance that highlighted the strength of character and level of mutual respect that each player displays. It was very hard to pick a Man of The Match, because (without exception), Matty, Charlie, Joel, Macca, Adam, Oli Log, Hamish,Paul, Jonny, Hazza, Angus, Sam and JB were truly outstanding. We awarded it to Oli Log because of his fantastic work-rate and industry. OUTSTANDING. Special mention to the excellent Referee, Graham Watson who was complimented by Aviva and TAJFC alike.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Training Cancelled - Kinder & U7 - 29th January

Unfortunately they pitches are frozen, making it just too hazardous to train today.
Fingers crossed that away match at Copmanthorpe will go ahead (see earlier post) - Paul will be in touch regarding this.

Nick 07778 993896

Friday, January 28, 2011

Directions To Aviva - U13's 30th January 2011

U13's are away at Aviva on Sunday 30th January. Address is Sports Field, York University, Heslington Lane (no postcode I'm afraid). We've been LOADS of times over the years - it's the one with the geese(!). Aviva drew against Wilberfoss last week........; Aviva manager is Phil Hutton on 07767458264
Kick off is 2pm - ready to rumble at 1:30pm. I'm trying to get a fixture in for next Sunday 6th Feb - we then have a full programme up until the half term break. We are aiming to be done and dusted with League games before the end of March.

Directions To Copmanthorpe UNDER 7's 30th January 2011

U7's are away at Copmanthorpe on Sunday 30th. Kick off is at 9:30am (!) - meet at Riverside School at 8:45am. Cop U7's play at Askham Bryan College - Map above.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Directions to Huntington 23rd Jan 2011

TAJFC are away to Huntington on Sunday 23rd January 2pm kick-off - ready to rumble at 1:30pm. Published address is Hopgrove Playing Fields, Malton Road, York, YO32 9TD. The Managers name is Chris Lawrence on 01904 414122 + 077905 52396.
With a lot of juggling - we are managing to get our fixtures nicely slotted in before we hit the half-term hiatus. Thanks to the parents and players who have been accommodating with this (cancellation of Scout Camps etc). Next week we are away to Aviva 30th Jan, following week to be confirmed and the week after that we are away to Magnets 13th Feb. That then leaves us 4 league games to fit in - great effort everyone! (Further Cup Comp to play + Tournaments).
We are currently 3rd in the League from a total of 11 starting teams.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Rawcliffe v Tadcaster Albion U13

Starting lineup was John B, Sam, Angustini, Paul, Wardy, Hazza, Macca, Hamish, Joel, Matty, Loggy. Sub was Adamski (first half). A 12 man squad had a truly FANTASTIC match against title winners Rawcliffe Warriors at The Bumper Castle on 16th Jan.

Right from kick-off Tadcaster looked composed, assured, communicative and downright classy(!). If the match had been televised by Sky (would have been a better bet than the Man U game), the possession-o-meter would have shown 'Tad 58% - Rawcliffe 42%'. Despite this - Tad got caught short against Rawcliffe's excellent ManMountain centre-back who launched one from 25 yards out that Peter Schmiechel would have struggled against.

Tad fought back with Macca (who was truly excellent) slotting one home after tearing up and down the wing with the urgency of a day-tripper in a Tunisian airport.

The match continued at a breathtaking pace - Tad had learnt the early lesson of keeping the play out on the wings (thanks Mike!). There was overlap, running passes, backhealers and all manner of Hogwarts Study-Leave going on though defence, midfield and attack. Rawcliffe scored again and Hazz coolly slotted home a free-kick (twice in 2 weeks) to bring the scores level at half time.

Sam had sustained an injury, so Adamski swapped with Paul and Paul dropped in to right-back.
It was literally 'end to end' for 30 mins, with Rawcliffe bringing on and taking off myriad subs. Paul got a nasty knock to the knee and Sam came back on (we only had 12 players).

In the dying minutes, Sam fairly tackled a Rawcliffe player who managed to finish his dramatic fall within the penalty area. Despite John's best effort (he was also on stunning form all afternoon) Rawcliffe went 3-2 up from the spot. There were some tired legs and as we didn't have a substitution option, Rawcliffe capitalised on this and scored another with 2 mins to go.

A great performance despite the score. It seems that those dark, rainy, sub-zero nights of training and playing small-sided games might be paying off at a crucial part of the season.

Joint Man of The Match - Macca (who was brought down more times than a kitten with 'Fainting Goat Syndrome') and John B (totally courageous!).

Big Shout Out to Charlie and Johnny W (who both manfully volunteered to have the week off) - Huntington be afraid. See you at Training!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Directions To Rawcliffe 16th Jan 2011

We have a re-arranged fixture with Rawcliffe, away at The Bumper Castle (where we played them in the summer last year) - just off the Ring Road.
It's a 2pm Kick-Off. Please be there for 1:30pm with boots tied, shirts tucked in and sun tan lotion applied (warm isn't it?)
Will update details of squad after Training tonight (14th Jan 6pm to 7pm - Rside). We are at the halfway point of the season and 3rd in the League - 8 more games to go!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Training Cancelled - Kinder & U7 - 8th January

Unfortunately we will have to cancel Training at Riverside tomorrow.

The temperature is forecast to fall to -5c overnight which would make it hazardous for Training (and driving) and could cause long term damage to the pitch.

Fingers crossed for the Magnets game on Sunday - watch this space.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

TAJFC Christmas Party 2010

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Riverside Training - 18th December

I'm doing the U10/11/12/13 Christmas Party today - if you need to check if training is on, please contact Paul Hick on 07581 366092 or Paul Clarkson on 07818 490071.

07778 993896

Friday, December 10, 2010

Training Cancelled - Kinder & U7 - 11th December

Training at Riverside on Saturday 11th December is cancelled. Though the snow is melting, the pitch would cut-up and cause longer term damage........ ..........however, the Christmas Party (Kinder & U7's) is 'full steam ahead' for Sunday 12th December at Manor Farm 2pm-5pm! - See you there - don't forget to bring your £7 if you haven't already paid - no dress code - fancy dress if you like! P.S. - get your dancing trousers on....

Friday, December 3, 2010

Saturday Morning Training (Kinder & U7) 4th Dec

Due to adverse weather conditions (no, really!), Saturday Morning Training at Riverside is cancelled (4th December 2010). Don't forget it's the Christmas Party on Sunday 12th December at Manor Farm 2pm to 5pm. Tickets are £7, including Food, Disco and a bit of Carol Singing.
For those who haven't yet said they'll come, please email me at nickbrown@btinternet.com to confirm.

Nick Brown
07778 993896

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Directions to Wilberfoss 28th Nov (U13's)

Under 13's are at Wilberfoss on Sunday 28th November 2pm kick-off, ready to rumble at 1:30pm. The Wilberfoss Manager is Paul Jacques on 07772311202. He thinks the postcode is YO41 5ND - I used it to find this map and it correctly positioned me on Storking Lane in Wilberfoss. I will email you with details of the team - 4 people will be having a week off on 28th.
Don't forget - it's the Christmas Party on Saturday 18th December - 2pm to 5pm - £7 inclusive.
Nick 07778 993896.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Tadcaster Albion 6 - Pocklington 1 (U13's)

Tadcaster Albion U13's continued in their unbeaten run and moved up to 3rd In The League (with a game in hand) by beating Pocklington 6-1. This was technically a home game, but was played at Pock's ground (Thanks Colin!).
Great team performance, with goals from Charlie, Oli Loggy, and Joel. Man of The Match (for consistently thinking on his feet and improving his performance week on week) was Ollie W.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

League Table - U13's - 31st Oct 2010

Epic battle on The Ings today - TAJFC winning 2-1 until the last minute....... - should have won!

Taking into account the amount of players who are out of action through injury, our current position of 4th in the League with 3 games in hand over Aviva and 2 games in hand over Copmanthorpe is very creditable indeed. Obviously the decision we took to play against teams that would push us hard and lift our overall standard of play was the right one......Well Done Lads.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Directions To Rawcliffe 17th September 2010

Under 13's are at The Bumper Castle against Rawcliffe Warriors on Sunday 17th October. 2pm kick-off. Ready to rumble at 1:45pm please. Will update you regarding Friday Training and Squad as soon as possible.

Our list of injuries is getting longer with black eyes, broken arms, broken feet and a broken thumb causing us problems. NONE of these injuries were caused when players were playing for Tadcaster Albion.